Mission Statement

The Lancaster City Police Foundation is a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation formed on September 11, 2003. It has been recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt charitable organization.

The Foundation’s purpose is to promote a safe environment and neighborhood for the residents, workers and visitors of Lancaster. Its objectives are to enhance the services of the Lancaster City Police Department and work with the Police to:

Promote civic spirit in support of public safety and security,

Enhance public awareness of safety issues (such as parent watch, neighborhood watch, theft prevention, bicycle safety, seat belt use),

Raise funds to provide equipment to make Police work safer and more effective (such as Kevlar vests, communications equipment, patrol bicycles, etc.), and

Educate children and young adults about safety issues in schools and other local settings.

The Foundation is patterned on foundations that have been formed in other communities, notably New York City, where a close and active public-police partnership has enhanced public cooperation, educated the public about safety issues, and assisted the police force in improving public safety and security. These organizations have found that by promoting civic interaction with the police and helping to supplement governmental resources, public participants better understand the work of the police and become “invested” in public safety.

The Lancaster City Police Foundation is a charitable nonprofit corporation registered with the Pennsylvania State Bureau of Charitable Organizations. Contributions are tax deductible.